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How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination Hack

I once performed an exercise in a class that helped me stop procrastinating. The teacher had us write down the things we procrastinated about on a piece of paper with the words “I can’t” in front.

For Example:

  • “I can’t study regularly.”
  • “I can’t become an expert on the subject.”
  • “I can’t limit my time on social media.”

After the teacher made us think about it for a while, she made us turn the paper over and rewrite all of the sentences by crossing out the phrase “I can’t” and changing it to the words “I won’t.”

For Example:

  • “I won’t study regularly.”
  • “ I won’t become an expert on the subject.”
  • “I won’t limit my time on social media.”

The moral of the story is that we were making choices about our priorities. Even if we believed we valued something, we were often prioritizing other things ahead of it. So, the next time you are planning to log onto social media or make a choice about your day, think specifically about what you will be prioritizing it over.

One More Thought

Social media can trick you into feeling like you are productive because you often get quick results. In studying, you often feel like you’re wasting your time because there are no immediate results and it feels like have to keep repeating things. Have patience! Little things add up to big ones!

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