The Pilot Flight Training Community

Image on Phone of Clubhouse RoomUpdate from early 2024:

After some highly-enjoyed farewell activities, our aviation community stopped meeting live at the end of 2023. You can listen to recordings of our conversations in the podcast “Landings With A Flair: Pilot Flight Training.” There are dozens of old conversations that have been recorded but still need to be edited before getting released. Captain Theresa is hoping to continue releasing them in 2024 after she focuses on some important life changes. Keep following for more!

The Pilot Flight Training community on Clubhouse is an aviation community where the podcasts were recorded. Pilots and aviation enthusiasts from around the world came together to discuss subjects related to flight training.

The moderators of the club were Captain Theresa (administrator), Henrique Carneiro, Shanita Polk, Omar AlHelali, Johnny Pickett, Moe Dani, Dana Navarro, Raphael Lopez, and Tamara Griffith. The air traffic control specialist was April Ellis. The official scribe, room support, and behind-the-scenes encourager was the wonderful “Z!

At its peak, the community had over 6,000 members. There may be some reunions in the future! In order to be recorded for the podcast, we ask that you sign this release form first.

Announcements & Schedules

Our announcements will be posted on the Instagram account @landingswithaflair.


Clubhouse is a social media platform based on audio where you can have meaningful conversations with speakers from around the world. Some people compare it to a live podcast where the listeners can join the conversation. Others say that it is like a Zoom meeting without visuals.

Anyone may join Clubhouse by downloading the application on Android or iOS phones. Profiles must be linked to a phone number to identify each user. We recommend that you check out the Getting Started Guide they offer. There are also helpful introductory sessions that you can attend after you join!

One of the reasons we enjoy Clubhouse is that it brings people together from many different parts of the aviation industry – mechanics and aircraft engineers, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, dispatchers, safety experts, and more. In addition to representing different parts of the industry, it is not uncommon to have speakers from every populated continent joining in the same conversation. As you listen to Clubhouse, you may hear noises from daily life in the background, as people will often speak on the application as they simultaneously accomplish other tasks.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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