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Study Tips for Student Pilots

Start by determining whether you prefer to study by listening or reading.

If You Study Best By Listening

  • Get a study partner. Meet virtually if you can’t meet in person. Take turns reading a section of your study material and explaining it to the other person.
  • Record yourself reading your material out loud so that you can play it back later.
  • Listen to YouTube channels, online ground schools with audio, and podcasts.
  • Listen to free webinars from the WINGS Program.
  • Of course, you can join us in talking about aviation in the Pilot Flight Training Club. It’s a great way to process what you’re learning!

If You Study Best By Reading

  • Find high-quality textbooks and applications
  • Take advantage of the free FAA Handbooks and Manuals
  • Find websites with good explanations, such as Bold Method
  • Write down the important points you are reading on a piece of paper. Even if you never go back to read them, the act of writing them helps engage your brain and strengthen your memory.

General Tips

  • Use flashcards. The application Quizlet is a popular version of digital flashcards.
  • Use mnemonics (like IMSAFE) as memory aids if they work for your brain type. These work great for some people and not well for others.
  • Study the same thing at least three days in a row to help remember it.
  • Don’t wait until you “feel like it” because that time may never come. Set aside specific times to study and stick with it, even if you don’t feel very productive.
  • Go to a special location to study such as a coffee shop or a library.
  • Remember that your brain functions best when you give it the proper sleep, water, and food, but minimize sugar and high-carbohydrate foods, as they can hinder your concentration.
  • The controversial one: At your own risk, have a few sips of alcohol if you can do it responsibly and legally. Some pilots swear that just a little bit helps them calm down and focus!

Have other tips? Let us know!

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